My Gastric Bypass Story

we all have the same goal, but we each have our own story

How do we stop from going Backwards?

weight gain after gastric bypass

Tweet So Gastric Bypass Surgery is in the past and we have hit our weight loss goals, but as time goes on we start going Backwards. Meaning the scale starts to move in the wrong direction – Up!! Soooo I   Read More »

EASY Sweet Brown Sugar Chicken

Tweet Here is a sweet chicken recipe that is absolutely delicious. It is so EASY to make and only has 3 ingredients in it besides the chicken – does it get any more simple than that? Nope not at all.   Read More »

Where’s Nicole? Where did she go?

Tweet I know a lot of my followers are wondering what happened to me since I have not really posted in quite some time. Well there are reasons for it and I am going to share them with you, but   Read More »

Chicken Divan that is creamy, delicious and total comfort food

Tweet I absolutely love me a good casserole, especially ones that are super creamy, delicious and just taste like comfort food. Well this Chicken Divan Recipe by Paula Deen is just that. I love Paula Deen’s recipes because most of   Read More »

My Cardiac Ablation Experience straight up

Tweet For all of you that follow me know that I just underwent a Cardiac Ablation to fix my Tachycardia issue. I decided I would share my entire experience here just like I did with my Gastric Bypass Surgery to   Read More »

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