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My Gastric Bypass Story

we all have the same goal, but we each have our own story

The 3 Week Diet may help you get to your goal!!

Hi Everyone !! How are you all doing? I know it has been a very long time since I have posted. I am still here and doing well, but I took a break from blogging for a few years. It’s   Read More »

Sugar Free Cookie Recipe using a Cake Mix

Not long ago I made these Sugar Free Cake Mix Cookies to bring to a meeting for those there who were diabetic. They were eaten up and loved so I had to share how I made them with all of   Read More »

Wonderslim Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

I have another review for you all just like I said I would. This time I tried the Wonderslim Chocolate Chip Cookies from Bariatric Chioce. Like I said in my last post I will be sharing some of their products   Read More »

Wonderslim Milk Chocolate Crunchies Review

I recently ordered some products to try out from Bariatric Choice’s website and I want to tell you about one of the first I tried out and what my thoughts are. I wanted to get myself some snacks because I   Read More »

How do we stop from going Backwards?

weight gain after gastric bypass

So Gastric Bypass Surgery is in the past and we have hit our weight loss goals, but as time goes on we start going Backwards. Meaning the scale starts to move in the wrong direction – Up!! Soooo I am   Read More »

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